A+ Junk N Tow Cash For Junk Cars


When you use the A+ Junk n Tow service, we’ll dispatch a driver from our network to your location right away! Many of our deals come with free towing around the United States. Our network of licensed scrap car buyers and tow truck drivers will come to you and tow your car for free after you get a quote and plan your delivery.

We partner with a large network of licensed junk car buyers and recyclers at A+ Junk n Tow Cash for Junk Cars. Your car can either be scrapped for metal or disassembled for components, depending on its condition, specifications, and age. Our customers can opt to fix your vehicle if it only has minor damage. In the area of junk car removal, all of our partners are properly qualified and educated. Your car would be recycled in an eco-sustainable and healthy manner. Recycling an automobile takes toxic materials and metals out of landfills while also reducing the energy required to produce more steel and aluminum.

There will be no changes in the pickup and payment. All of our drivers follow CDC safety guidelines when meeting with you.

Yes! A+ Junk n Tow is currently open during regular business hours. We’re always purchasing automobiles on a daily basis. Click our “FREE Estimates” tab to see what you can get for your vehicle if you’re waiting to sell it. 

Easy way to reach out to us is through our website or by calling us at (708) 968-2505. Once you’ve made touch with an A+ Junk n Tow customer, you’ll be able to connect with them through text.

To deter the spread of COVID-19, both staff and drivers will follow all CDC guidelines including wearing masks, washing hands and preventing close contact with shared surfaces.

Broken or seized engines, engine breakdown, transmission failure, blown head gaskets, cracked cylinder heads, overheating engines, electrical faults, and other significant technical concerns are the most common mechanical issues. A+ Junk n Tow, on the other hand, would make you a deal on your car regardless of its technical condition.

A+ Junk n Tow can buy any kind of disabled car, including those with human, electrical, or mechanical damage, as well as those with a high mileage. We’ve also bought luxurious, exotic, and antique vehicles.

If the vehicle is insured, you must either pay off the interest on the damaged vehicle or move it to a new vehicle (sometimes called a collateral swap). If you’re buying a new vehicle, the dealer will be able to help you with this. A+ Junk n Tow will assist you if this is not the case.

A+ Junk n Tow will happily make you a fair deal for your disabled vehicle. We buy cars “as-is,” which means it doesn’t need to be fixed. After an accident, repairing your vehicle can be a costly, frustrating, time-consuming, and difficult task. Even if the car requires the best possible maintenance, the worth is expected to suffer a significant reduction of up to 30%. When it is time to sell a car, up to 55% of buyers will pass on a vehicle that has been already destroyed. Selling the car to A+ Junk n Tow could be a better alternative than rebuilding it. Submit a quote request via the internet.

A+ Junk n Tow is ready to assist you. We provide a cost-effective solution to costly maintenance. Even if your car gets the best possible maintenance, the worth is expected to see a significant drop of up to 30%. After a crash, selling the car to A+ Junk n Tow is always the safest choice.

Sure, simply get a FREE Estimate from us and we will set up a time to come and get your vehicle. 

Just give us a call or fill out our free estimate form on our website and we will call you immediately, it’s that simple 🙂

Any vehicles with missing parts, such as the windshield, headlights, radio, or other non-essential mechanical components, would be approved.

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